Embed cards on Detailed Pages

Please follow below steps if you want to embed cards on Detailed page (Internal pages other than Home page)

Here is a sample detailed page with cards embedded.


Here is a sample Google sheet for reference


Use case : Easy to create directories and lists with cards from various categories.


Follow below steps to create separate group of cards to embed on Detailed pages. You can embed cards from multiple groups/sheets on same page. Or, you can embed same card on multiple detailed pages

For embedding cards on detailed pages below are the steps you need to follow (A detailed page can also show cards from multiple sheets)

  1. Make a copy of the Body-Cards sheet (Right click on the Body-cards sheet and click 'Duplicate' DON'T DELETE THE EXISTING Body-Cards sheet.

  2. Rename the newly created sheet to any name with Prefix as "Body-Cards-" For example, you can name the sheet as "Body-Cards-1"

  3. Fill the data in "Body-Cards-1" in similar format of Body-Cards

  4. Now go to the Detailed Pages sheet and go to the exact row of Detailed page name where you want to add cards.

  5. Add below short code in the column "Markdown/HTML" (You can mix this short code with your existing Markdown/HTML as well"

  6. Add below short code as needed. [@siteoly-cards-start @displayFilters="Yes" @filterTags="Apple, Banana, Kiwi, Tag 1, Tag 2" @cardLayout="Box Vertical 1" @sheetName="Body-Cards-1" @siteoly-cards-end]

@filterTags="Apple, Banana, Kiwi, Tag 1, Tag 2"
@cardLayout="Box Vertical 1"

Note :

Newly created sheet name must have the prefix "Body-Cards-"

Example sheet names : Body-Cards-1 , Body-Cards-2 , Body-Cards-Gifts, Body-Cards-Movies

Also, DON'T DELETE THE EXISTING Body-Cards sheet any time.

Param Name



Provide the sheet name from the Google Spreadsheet. This sheet should have the cards that you want to embed


Provide the Card Layout Name


Enter "Yes" if you want to display filters. This is not mandatory field. This will be set to "No" by default.


Provide the list of filters that you want to display. The list must be comma separated and enclosed in quotes. Example : "Apple, Banana, Kiwi, Tag 1, Tag 2"

Please email for any help required in setting up this.