'Bring Your Own Code' for dynamic content in Detailed Pages

This page explains about how to display dynamic content inside Detailed Pages by brining in your code (BYOC).

This feature is available only in Enterprise plans

There are many occasions you may want to display dynamic content on a detailed pages (internal pages).

Possible use cases

  1. Fetching the data from weather API and displaying the data on the page

  2. Fetching data from an e-commerce API and displaying on the page

  3. Fetching finance data from Finance APIs and displaying on the page

  4. Fetching data from pretty much any API and display on the page

  5. Fetching data from multiple APIs and process the data to create content/html/text to display on the page

How does this work?

This needs adhoc setup and we will work closely with you to build the required function. In most cases, this setup should be doable in 48 hours.

The concept works more like "Serverless functions" where you don't worry about managing the infrastructure for running these explicit functions and we will take care of this for you.

How does that look like?

Here are a few samples

[sly-function @function-name="GetProductData" @productId="X76479" 
[sly-function @function-name="GetWeatherData" @cityId="SFO" 
  • This code can be added to the 'DetailedPages' (in Google sheet).

  • This code will call the required functions internally to create the required content on the page.

Can I bring my own function?

If you have an existing function written in Node/Javascript, we can see to port this code and set this up for you.

If you don't have a function/code, we can build required function for you. Note that you will still need to provide us required information, input, output, API information to build this function.

Does this cost?

Yes. This is an advanced feature and is a separate add-on. Please check with support to set this up for you.

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