Embed cards on external sites and internal sites

Please follow this guide to embed cards on external websites or on Siteoly sites.

This feature is available only in paid plans.

Siteoly provides embedded code that let's you display the cards on Siteoly websites or even on external websites like Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Carrd etc or even on your own HTML sites.

This feature is available in paid plans.

This embed code can be used even on Siteoly site's detailed pages as well.

Follow below steps

  • Parameters in the Embed dialog box






Select the project name

Sheet Name


This sheet name should always have a prefix of "Body-Cards-". Leave the default value of "Body-Cards" if you have your data in Body-Cards sheet. If you want to display the data from another sheet, copy Body-Cards sheet. Rename the new sheet to have prefix as "Body-Cards-" (example Body-Cards-Gifts). Now add data to the new sheet in the same format. Enter this new sheet name here.

Card Layout Template


Select the card design to be displayed in the site.

Search Text


Enter the text that need to be displayed on search button.



Add filter tags separated by comma.

  • Select the ProjectName from the dropdown and select Sheet Name and Layout as follows.

  • Click on the Generated embed code.

  • Click on the Copy to Clipboard, and use this on any site.

Advanced Configurations

Setting Pagination Size (Cards per page):

If you want to use some advanced configuration and set the pagination size, you can also set "How many cards you want to display per page by using below variable in the Embed Code

data-siteoly-pagination-size = "10" 

You can set what ever value you want to use in the above variable and add it to the embed code.

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