Not able to access the site after creating the site?

If you are seeing below error after creating the site, follow this help page.

Unexpected issue. There seems to be an issue with your Google sheet access. Please check your Google Sheet Id/URL/access permissions.
   1. Please make sure the Google sheet has access to the Gmail Id you used to login to Siteoly. 
   2. Sometimes you may be logged into multiple Google accounts in browser. Please check the Google sheet has correct access to the id you used to signin to Siteoly.
If the issue still persists, please follow these steps.

There could be two reasons:

Reason 1: You might not have given access to the Google Sheet while signing up.

Fix: To fix this issue, follow below steps.

Reason 2: You might not be using the Google Sheet in required format. Siteoly needs your Google sheet to be in a specific format.

Fix: To fix this issue, follow below steps.

If you still see your site not working, please reach out to support from the chat window.

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