How to configure Filter condition

This page will help to set conditional logic for filters (Filters are displayed above the cards)

This feature is available only in paid plans.

Filters by default filter the cards based on 'OR' condition of the selected filters. But for a few use cases, you may need an 'AND' condition. For example, if you want to filter cards that has both 'Filter Attribute 1' and 'Filter Attribute 2', that is considered as 'AND' condition.

Please follow the below steps if you want to use specific Filter condition.

  1. Goto your Google spreadsheet

  2. Goto 'DONT EDIT' sheet. In Column A, if you see "Filter Condition", ignore Step 3 and move to Step 4.

  3. In the 'DONT EDIT' sheet, add a new cell after the existing entries in Column A as - "Filter Condition" (without quotes)

  4. Now goto "OtherSettings" sheet and you should see a row as "Filter Condition"

  5. Against the "Filter Condition" , enter the condition in Column B as "AND" (without quotes). If you want "OR", just enter "OR" but OR is anyway the default functionality.

  6. Now goto the "live test' link of the project, refresh the page and check for the filter functionality.

Note: The default option for Filters is 'OR' condition.

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