Restrict Detailed Pages Access with Access Code

This guide will help you to restrict access to specific detailed pages on the websites.

By enabling this feature, only people with the access code can access specific Detailed Pages. It is possible to use separate access code for different pages.

This feature is only available in Pro, Pro Plus and Enterprise plans.

Note: By default, the pages are open for everyone.

How to lock only specific pages with Access Codes.

  1. Goto 'Detailed Pages' sheet and add a new column at the end as 'Extra Config' (Do this only if you don't see 'Extra Config' column in the sheet. Make sure this is Column H. See this 'Detailed Pages' sheet for reference to make sure you have all required columns.

  2. For the pages you want to lock with Access Code, update the 'Extra Config' column as below.

[AccessCode: 12345ABc]

In this examples, "12345ABc" is the Access Code for the specific detailed page in 'DetailedPages' sheet.

See sample below.

Note: By default all the pages will be open for everyone unless you add AccessCode in the 'Extra Config' section.


Please get in touch with support if you need any further assistance on locking detailed pages with specific Access Codes.

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