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Detailed Pages
This sheet contains the configurations where user would like to do detailed pages.
Detailed pages can be added with details of the pages to be navigated to on click of Body cards.
Multiple detailed pages can be created.
'Card on click event' column from 'Body' sheet should be set to any other option other than 'No-Action' if detailed pages should be displayed with below content on Body.
Following are the details to be filled to create pages.
Link (Internal to domain/subdomain)
Name(Text) should be provided for the page. It should be added in 'Detailed description' column in 'Body- cards' , based on the which other details of the detailed page will be picked.
Title to be displayed on the Detailed Page should be added.
Sub Title
Sub Title to be displayed on the Detailed Page should be added.
Content to be displayed on detailed page should be added (can be added as Text or in HTML format).
Main Image Link
Link of the image should be provided to get it displayed on Detailed page.
Based on the layout selected Text and Image will be adjusted on the detailed page. We have multiple options provided in the drop down.
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