This sheet contains the configurations where user would like to do on Body cards
Following columns in the sheet to be filled to configure the Body-cards.
Display Cards from 'Body' sheet should be set to Yes if the following content should be displayed on Body.
Title of the body card should be provided.
Card Link
Link given 'Link' column from 'Detailed Page' sheet should be provided.
Background Image Link
Link of the image should be provided to get it displayed as Body card Tile.
Content to be tagged to the body card should be provided.(If you want to give multiple tags , it can be given in different columns . Example : Tag1, Tag2, Tag3.).
Text Color
Enter the Hex Code of the Font Color or just enter the color name as 'red', 'green', 'purple' etc. which should be applied on 'Title' given for card.
Background color
Color Name or Hex code can be entered to change the background color of the Body Card.