Setting Pagination Size (cards per page) for cards display

Now you can set how many cards you want to display per page when you list cards.

The default value will be 100 cards to display per page.

Follow below steps to change the default value and set up the number of cards you want to display per page.

You don't actually see the pages but you would see a button that says "Load more". As the user clicks "Load more" button, the next set of cards will be displayed on screen.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Goto your Google spreadsheet

  2. Goto 'DONT EDIT' sheet. In Column A, if you see "Pagination Size", ignore Step 3 and move to Step 4.

  3. Add a new cell in Column A as - "Pagination Size" (without quotes)

  4. Now goto "OtherSettings" sheet and you should see a row as "Pagination Size"

  5. Enter the value you want to set in the cell next to "Pagination Size". (You need to set the number of cards you want to display per page here)

  6. Use 'live test' link to pull the latest changes

By default, the site displays 100 cards per page if you don't explicitly set the above value or you don't use this feature.

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