Enable Authentication (Login/Logout)

This page will help to enable authentication so that only logged in users can access your website.

This page will help you to enable Authentication for your websites built on Siteoly. Here is the sample Google Sheet Link for reference.

By enabling this feature, only a given set of users (with username/password) can only login to the site and access the site and any internal pages (detailed pages).

This feature is only available in Pro, Pro Plus and Enterprise plans.

Please follow below steps to enable Authentication and enable secure access to your websites and all of its internal pages.

  1. Goto your Google spreadsheet

  2. Goto 'DONT EDIT' sheet. In Column A, if you see "Enable Authentication", ignore Step 3 and Step 4 and move to Step 5.

  3. Add a new cell in Column A as - "Enable Authentication" (without quotes)

  4. Now goto "OtherSettings" sheet and you should see a row as "Enable Authentication"

  5. Enter the value you want to set in the cell next to "Enable Authentication".

Enable Authentication can take 3 values.

Next Steps on how to create Usernames and password:

  1. Create a new additional sheet (in the same Google sheet link) with name 'Auth' and add below columns.

  2. Column A: Username

    Column B: Password

    Column C: Display Name

How to lock only specific pages with Auth (Email/Password login):

  1. Goto 'Detailed Pages' sheet and add a new column at the end as 'Extra Config' (Do this only if you don't see 'Extra Config' column in the sheet. Make sure this is Column H. See this 'Detailed Pages' sheet for reference to make sure you have all required columns.

  2. For the pages you want to lock, update the 'Extra Config' column as [Locked: Yes]

  1. By default all the pages will be open for everyone unless you lock the page or lock the full site from 'Other Settings' sheet.


  1. Once all the above steps are done, use 'live test' link to pull latest changes

  2. Goto your website and see. If you set 'Enable Authentication' to 'Full Site' or 'Detailed Pages Only' in the 'OtherSettings' sheet, it should show the login page. Use the Username/password set in 'Auth' sheet to login.

  3. If you want to disable Auth, just set 'Enable Authentication' to 'No' in the 'OtherSettings' and use 'live test' link to re-pull the new settings.

Please get in touch with support if you need any assistance in setting up Authentication for your websites built on Siteoly.

How to logout from the website?

Once you open the website (with Authentication enabled), you will see a little chevron button on the right side of the website. Click on the 'Logout' button to logout from LoggedIn session. (See below).

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