How to add Sitemap to submit to Google Search Console

This page will help to create a sitemap file to submit to Google Search Console . This lets Google crawl your site for better SEO purposes. This feature is available in paid plans.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Goto your Google spreadsheet

  2. Goto 'DONT EDIT' sheet. In Column A, if you see "Sitemap", ignore Step 3 and move to Step 4.

  3. Add a new cell in Column A as - "Sitemap" (without quotes)

  4. Now goto "OtherSettings" sheet and you should see a row as Sitemap

  5. Enter your Sitemap XML or Sitemap Text in the cell next to Sitemap.

  6. Now goto your domain name and try the page /sitemap

  7. Submit your Sitemap in Google console.

Sitemap feature supports both XML and text formats.

See samples below.

  • XML Sitemap sample:

  • Text Sitemap sample: